Jul 18, 2014

Fine Art Friday: AIM SSB - "Brooklyn Graf History"

Of all the accolades that are given to Brooklyn, rarely do any original Brooklyn graffti artists from the late 70s or early 80s get any shine these days. Often, any art movement in Brooklyn is thrown the way of new school street artists who have legal murals, wheat paste installations, yarn and other forms of public art that is often less scrutinized than the graf of the past. I recently had a chance to sit and talk with one of the original train painting graf artists from that era by the name of AIM SSB, or George Colon, and talked about the origins of the graf in NY and what became of the early crews.

Jul 16, 2014

Video: Willie WAZE - "Interlude"

Despite a low budget video and no official album to team with it, I recently came across the work of Northern Virginia based emcee Willie WAZE. Dropping the visuals to the track "Interlude", the vid serves as a preview for an upcoming debut album from WAZE dropping later this year, entitled "Da Lexicon of a NOVA Soulja". I like the jazzy vibe of the track and hope that it is evidence of the rest of the project. Keep a look out!


Jul 15, 2014

Listen: J57 - "Main Event (J57 Sample Free Remix)" ft. Meyhem Lauren X Action Bronson X Maffew Ragazino X Rasheed Chappell

Brown Bag All-Star and beatmaker supreme, J57, recently dropped his sample-free remix for the track "Main Event".  Flexing his producer skills, J57 takes a fairly disparate mix of sounds and pieces them together to sound like actual samples from old vinyl. Check it out and support the BBAS crew as they slowly grow to claim the NYC crown.