Mar 3, 2013

Throwback: BT - "Love on Haight Street" ft. Rasco and 50 Grand

The story of the first time I heard this record is as bizarre as the collaboration itself. Upon the records original drop date, I was working at a record store in Madison, WI and working a shift with a co-worker who was heavy into house and techno music. I was pretty open minded to other peoples taste, even if I didn't rock it in my collection, so she picked this album by BT, a California-based electronic music producer and DJ, called "Movement in Still Life".  Though I clowned her about the cover looking like a flyer for a "Men Seeking Men" night club, the music was mostly uptempo, spacey electronic dance music that I was "hit or miss" about until the final track on the album changed everything for me about my pre-conceived notions of BT's work.

This track was called "Love on Haight Street", cleverly named after the infamous street in San Francisco. I noticed Rasco's voice immediately and remembered 50 Grand's voice from the the second DJ Honda album "II". Whatever BT did to the track with the spaced out vocals, throwback scratched samples from PB Wolf, and picking two dope verses from these underground standouts, it was a perfect blend at the time and I still rock it to this day. I'm not sure what happened to 50 Grand, but everybody on this song has yet to match the long-lasting vibe that I get from this song. Still dope, still slept-on and still deserves a real video ten years later.

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