Mar 9, 2013

Listen: International Hip Hop Concert in Brooklyn

For those fans of rap that think that the messages of Public Enemy, Dead Prez and Immortal Technique will never get the exposure it deserves or impact the world at large, then you should check out the work of the artist's featured at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) event entitled "Mic Check:Hip-Hop from North Africa and the Middle East".

Though the event is featured only one day in March 9 (RIP Biggie), the movement of each artist from their respective countries shows the global power of hip hop. These emcee's fight real social unrest in their countries where bombings and murder happen without consequence under dictatorships and oppressive powers, yet they stand in the face of those incidents and speak loudly in their native tongue to deliver messages of outrage and progressive empowerment. The main artists are Amkoullel (Mali), Deeb (Egypt), El Général (Tunisia), Shadia Mansour (Palestine/UK), who will be featured alongside more traditional musicians Brahim Fribgane and Yacouba and introduce music born from radical social and political change to the good folks in Brooklyn and the US.

Check out videos of each artist below and the website for more info:


DEEB (note the ill BB King flip in the sample)

El Général


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