Mar 5, 2013

Read: Adam Mansbach - "The Rage Is Back"

If you are like me, it takes me about 3 to 6 months to finish a book, as I typically read it on the train for 2 pages at a time and easily distracted by my iphone from following the story closely. However, every once in a while I pick up a book that I tear through quickly like a magazine article and the latest book from Adam Mansbach "The Rage is Back" was one of these books. He does an interesting job of twisting graffiti history, unique characters that mimic modern NYC politicos and vivd descriptions of tunnels and seedy environments that keeps me paying attention from chapter to chapter. Family and drama and an artists struggle should be familiar to all walks of life, so check it out.

To add to the experience, DJ J. Period released a mixtape in support of the book and you can rock it on it's own or in addition to help get the mood of the book. If you like anything other than comment sections on blogs or production credits on albums, try to use this book to expand your knowledge of the secretive life of graf writers in NYC.


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