May 15, 2014

Listen: Ladi6 - "Automatic" Album

New Zealand songstress Ladi6 and Detroit's Waajeed (of Platinum Pied Pipers, Slum Village, and Dilla association) collaborated on a spacy, futuristic, soulful album of original, hip hop-influenced RnB entitled "Automatic" and the results are damn near perfect. Chopping up elements of rock, Dilla-esque drum kits, outer space synth's, and Ladi6's voice all connect for a hypnotic and seamless collection that stands up the the "skipless" test that is rare these days in any genre, so Waajeed's production perfectly matches Ladi6's voice throughout. Showing that everything you hear on the radio is not the true standard, Ladi6 and Waajeed bang out some honest, new school RnB without resorting to Dubstep or syrupy cliches. Check it out and support some international music.


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