Sep 8, 2014

Video: Slimkid3 X DJ Nu-Mark - "I Know, Didn't I" ft. Darondo

Every once in a while, I will here a song that I end up putting on repeat for 30 minutes to an hour and never get tired of, and this is one of them. All of my favorite elements of what both Slimkid3 and DJ Nu-Mark bring to the table combined into one track, the song "I Know, Didn't I" (featuring Darondo) from is catchy as hell. For the uninitiated, Slimkid3 (of The Pharcyde) and DJ Nu-Mark (of Jurassic 5) recently teamed up for a full length album of grown man hip hop and unlikely hits. This track stuff out to me for many reasons, the sample, the drums, the Slimkid3 flow that reminded me of the Arrested Development "People Everyday" melody, and the upbeat vibe of the collaboration overall. Plus, the video borrowed heavily from the True Detective (one of my favorite shows) intro credit motion graphics, so it just won me over across the board. Glad to see vets still having fun with it. Check it out and support!


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