Aug 4, 2014

Video: Main Flow - "Boomtown"

One of my favorite emcee's from the late 90s but also one of the few true school cats from the Ohio region, Cincinnati and former MOOD member, Main Flow, recently dropped some new material showcasing his hometown Cincy. Linking with fellow Ohio artists and a mix of known and lesser known collaborators, Main Flow dropped 19 new tracks that discuss what he has been doing for long stretches of absence from the limelight. The project is pretty chill throughout and features Reks, King Mag, Donte Fleming of Mood, Copywrite, Black Silver, Justin Werner, Apaulo 8 (Pauli Kipling), Vokab Kompany, Stacey Murray, MC Complex, Esoteric, and J Sands of Lone Catalysts. Check it out and support one of the Midwest's most slept-on emcee's.


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