Aug 8, 2014

Fine Art Friday: N.O. Bonzo - "Recent Work"

 The first time I visited Portland, I was glad to see a branch of Upper Playground and surprised to see that they have their own art gallery. As I checked it out, I saw the work of a local artist named N.O. Bonzo and was drawn to the work mainly because of the textures and elaborately cut paper figures and how it was combined with oxidized paint that organically changes over the course of the show and changes slightly so that the viewer could come in everyday and see something new. She describes her work as being "DrownTown drifters, misfits, and outlaws"and often posts them in the corners of the streets and deep in nature. I don't know much about N.O. but I enjoy the work and recommend looking closer at the streets when you walk them so you can catch one of the pieces hiding in plain sight. Check out here work on the links below and support the oddball artists in your own area.


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