Mar 3, 2014

Listen: Logan Hicks X LuvJonez - "Love Never saved Anything" EP


I'm excited to announce a collaborative EP of instrumental beats inspired by the upcoming exhibit by legendary street artist Logan Hicks and the production of LuvJonez (yours truly) featuring nautical themes and soundscapes. The solo exhibition "Love Never Saved Anything" is Opening March 7, 2014 at PMM Art Projects pop up store in NYC, 154 Stanton Street.

In the months leading up to the exhibit, I passed along some of my previous instrumental projects to Logan to serve as background music while he worked in the studio...
and after some thought about creating promotional videos for the project, we talked about creating some instrumental beats with water-related sounds to serve as a backdrop for the videos. This EP is a collection of original music composed for the exhibit that incorporated the sounds of water, waves, tunnels and other found sounds that reflect on the images that served as inspiration during the creation of the work visual art for the show. The instrumentals also function as a soundtrack for the travels and urban exploration that are central to the paintings and stencil work of Logan Hicks.

PMM presents "Love Never Saved Anything"
Logan Hicks - pop up Solo Exhibition

March 7 – 19, 2014
154 Stanton Street
New York, NY

PMM Art Projects announces a special pop-up exhibition of New York- based artist, Logan Hicks, featuring nautical-based stencil paintings as well as photographs from his infamous urban explorations. On view at 154 Stanton Street (Lower East Side, New York) from March 7 through 19, 2014, Love Never Saved Anything is Logan’s second solo show with PMM Art Projects and his most ambitious work to date.

While much of Logan’s work deals with the often analytical, highly contemplative view of the urban environment, the paintings in Love Never Saved Anything were born out of the artist’s experiences and personal set backs this past year. The challenges led him to explore underwater photography as inspiration for these paintings. Logan explains, “The drifting, the weightlessness was how I felt internally. It seemed like the perfect way to capture what I was going through - adrift in a sea of uncertainty.” Having lived near the sea all his life, maritime themes have always been a unique influence for him, but are more explicit in this new body of work. Both haunting and elegant, his new paintings incorporate references from nautical superstitions and sailor traditions and showcase the range of perspectives from which the artist sees his environment.

Logan is well-known for his work as a street artist and urban explorer – seeking out and discovering places that few have seen. From abandoned subway stations to dilapidated buildings, a series of new photographs will be showcased depicting forbidden areas of the urban environment and unique vantage points. While the nautical-based paintings inform the viewer of the self-discovery process through internal investigation, this photographic body of work continues the artist’s external exploration and will be on view on the bottom floor of the gallery.

Logan Hicks: Love Never Saved Anything will be on view daily, 11:00am to 7:00pm from March 7 through March 19th, 2014 at 154 Stanton Street, New York.

Logan Hicks is a New York-based artist whose work explores the dynamics of the urban environment through photography, stencil paintings and street art. Using photographs taken during his international travels as a point of departure, he creates intricate multi-layered stencils and aerosol spray to build the image. The labor-intensive process sometimes involves as many as 15 different stencil layers and can take up to a month to complete each work. Logan was one of two artists personally selected by Banksy to represent the USA at the 2008 Cans Festival in London. He has twice shown at the prestigious NuArt festival in Stavanger, Norway. His work is on permanent display at the late real estate developer Tony Goldman's Wynwood Walls arts compound in Miami as well as the Goldman Collection in New York. He has shown in nearly 20 countries throughout his career and has had notable exhibitions in cities like Melbourne, Hong Kong, Oslo, Paris and London. His first exhibition with PMM Art Projects was in 2013 at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) in Los Angeles. Upcoming 2014 international exhibitions include shows in Istanbul, Turkey, and Basel, Switzerland.

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