Jul 15, 2013

Video: Blame One X J57 - "They Don't Know" ft. Akie Bermiss

Blame One drops jewels on belief systems and personal knowledge of the universe with the single "They Don’t Know", from the forthcoming group album with Brown Bag AllStars beatsmith J57. The mellow, boom-bap approach by J57 fits the thoughtful verses by Blame One perfectly and help focus the attention on the words being spoken. Brown Bag affiliate Akie Bermiss sings the hook and carries the mood of the track to make the listener reflect on their life instead of amping you up to party like many tracks these days. Sometimes I just want music I can zone out to that speaks honest truths about the confusing world around us all, and this track does exactly that. Watch for the entire "Walk in the Sun" album dropping  August 27, via SoulSpazm Records.


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