Jun 24, 2013

Listen: Public Enemy – "Planet Earth" Collection

To honor their achievement in making it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Public Enemy released a collection of their hits entitled "Planet Earth: The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Greatest Rap Hits" as a look back at their career. Though PE has released hits collections before and their impact on the rap game has been poured over for years, this collection marks the rare occasion that a rap group was voted into the mostly white Rock and Roll hall of fame. For all the Kanye stans who think that songs like "New Slaves" is somehow revolutionary, you should check the catalog of PE. They modeled their entire career around bringing attention to race issues, politics and other forms of activism that many groups have been influenced by and has been ignored by rap radio for almost 20 years.Check out the collection and see why people fuss over this group and what they meant to a generation of hip hop fans and why they are sorely missed these days.


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