Jun 27, 2013

Listen: Concept - "The Proof" ft. Tableek

There was a time when I thought Maspyke (Tableek and Hanif Jamiyl) were gonna be the leaders of a new ATCQ movement in hip hop, then they went their separate ways and life got in the way of their potential success. Tableek always had a unique whispery but smart flow that seemed well suited for jazzy tracks, so I was glad to see his name pop up on a collaboration with Concept. The track titled "The Proof" and apparently unreleased officially showcases the exact reason Tableek is still checked for by the hip hop faithful. It would be great to hear Tableek rock an entire album or joints like this and hopefully one day it will happen. Check it out and research one of the most slept-on dudes in the game.


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U Call That Love said...

Concept is so dope producer and everyone should learn more about his music. All his records are available on Bandcamp: http://conceptbeats.bandcamp.com/


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