Feb 1, 2013

Video: Green Tea - "Never Be The Blame" ft. Gods'illa

For a bit of a curveball from what I typically post, I wanted to share a nice little heat rock from vocalist Green Tea with a nice feature from rap group Gods'illa, who sound like a more positive version of Mobb Deep at times,  and produced by Kev Brown. It has a bit of a throwback, Mary J Blige 90's feel, but it's nice to see some "keepers of the hip hop flame" still making honest music in the days of techno, dub-step love songs.

Check out more work from Gods'illa on Bandcamp HERE

Download Green Tea's "Never Be the Blame" on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dosage-iii-the-time-to-b.e./id525731698

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