Jan 28, 2013

Listen: weatherPROOF - "Dirty Naturals" Album

New Jersey underdogs weatherPROOF just dropped their latest album, featuring guest appearances from Ras Kass, Louis Logic, and more. The production on the album is diverse and balances between mellow reggae, throwback boom bap vibes and introspective lyrics all provided from the grimy, raspy voices of emcee's Remsa and Event.

The album sounds like a mix of Atmosphere and the Outsidaz with the voice of RA the Rugged Man at times, but with the more "grown man" content and self-aware subject matter. You can tell they don't try to ape the trends of the over-produced, current radio tracks and wanted to make a solid album from front to back that you can throw on and listen to all the way through. Stand out tracks to me are "Blue School" and "Inspiration".

Check it out and support some of the underdogs from "Dirty Jersey".


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