Feb 13, 2013

Video: C2C - "F·U·Y·A"

Props to my friend and DMC alumni WayStyles out of Seattle for sharing this video of the French DJ crew and group C2C flexing their creative muscle on a French show "Les Victoires de la Musique 2013", a version of American and British shows like "X Factor". I am always blown away when I see turntablism finding new ways to bend and warp music and these guys SNAP on both the visual effects, live singing, and showmanship. Make sure you watch the full video, as the video seems to start off rocky but begins to come together perfectly with the other elements. The track is called "F·U·Y·A" , but I have no clue what it means or stands for, but I don't care either. It is part of the album "Tetra" which you can hear below.


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