Feb 15, 2013

Fine Art Friday: Joseph Velasquez

Joseph Velasquez is an artist, educator and co-founder of Drive By Press, which was discussed a few months back here at The Double Truth. I have long been impressed with his ability to get tactile and graphic prints of faces (bends/wrinkles) and powerful cultural icons on to wood surfaces. Most of his output has been some tribute to the Latin art traditions of the American Southwest but with topics like luchadors, skulls (dia le los muertos), and other images related to his upbringing.

Most recently, he has begun a series of Hip Hop Icons that I took a particular interest in because of the quality and the history and I hope this is an on going series to help push the culture forward even more for future generations. The print I have below is only a draft of the KRS ONE print, but it shows the skill and craftsmanship that Velasquez dedicates to all of his work.

Get your learn on by watching his presentation at Auburn University below.


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