Dec 30, 2012

Throwback: Mass Influence - "This Is The Way"

Mass Influence recently re-emerged from a long hiatus to a vastly different ATL and music scene all together. I was always fond of their album "The Underground Science" from 1999 and the track "This is the way" still finds it's way into my ipod playlists weekly. There are many hidden gems on the album and shows the True School vibe they were on in the midst of the No Limit/Cash Money takeover of the South at the time. Though the MASSINFLU crew probably missed the boat on the fame they deserve, they still put out quality projects to this day so check out the Bandcamp and support authentic hip hop music. If only the underground vibe could regain popularity like the heyday of Rawkus, maybe folks could realize that not everybody in the south or ATL is a Trap Star.

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