Mar 25, 2010

Local Cats, Volume 2 (Midwest USA)

This is yet another post in my collection of demo's and burned CD bootlegs passed to me by local artists here in Madison Wisconsin. I have seen many groups change their sound and image and these posts are some of the in-between groups and personalities of a few select Milwaukee/Madison mainstays.

The first in a short EP by a emcee/R & B singer named SOSE "Just Listen". He has a smooth singing voice and sounds at times like New Edition-era crooners. Though I am not a huge fan of R&B music, at least the modern version, SOSE does make some decent effort as far as production and trying to make a more commercial effort. He has since become a "political" rapper and tried to be more aggressive and less sing-songy, but I thought I would post this to show one of the "stages" that many of the cats in my region tend to approach while "finding themselves". Overall, I thought it was a decent attempt for some Usher type sound, but times have changed i guess. Feel free to give me some feedback and your general thoughts about any of this.


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