Jul 9, 2014

Video: John Robinson X PVD - "Off The Wall"

'Modern Vintage' is the new collaboration album from veteran emcee John Robinson (aka Lil Sci of world renown Hip-Hop group Scienz Of Life) and prolific drummer, composer, producer and band-leader Pat Van Dyke (aka PVD). Though it may seem like an unlikely pairing, John Robinson and PVD have been building since 2008 and their chemistry together has grown organically and developed into the authentic exchange of ideas and combo of styles evidenced on the collaborative album. Described as "A modern-day true Hip-Hop record, grounded firmly in the traditions of jazz, funk, and soul music.", the project finds JR using his raspy, jazzy voice to match the laid back tracks from PVD. Check it out and see how the torchbearers of the ATCQ sound keep hope alive.


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