Mar 21, 2014

Fine Art Friday: Joseph Velasquez - "Rap Series" Woodblock Prints

Joseph Velasquez is a Chicano artist and the co-founder of Drive By Press (which has been featured on The Double Truth previously) and a Professor of Printmaking at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Recently, as a slight departure from his heavily layered and mythological works, he has been making a "Rap Series" of woodblocks paying homage to some of the more influential emcee's of the last 20 years including Jay-Z, Ice Cube, Bun B, Pimp C and Biggie, among others. You can maybe track down t-shirts or prints of these cats, but if you want a truly unique product (like a "no one else has this shirt" moment like most NYC folks) then cop one of his works carved by the artist and sometimes inked up right in front of you.

To see Drive By Press work by Joseph Velasquez, and information about a Drive By visit to your school, Please visit or email Joseph directly >


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