Feb 25, 2014

Listen: Mattic - "An Introduction To Doctor Outer" Album

Mattic is back with a new album "The Adventures Of Doctor Outer" sixteen new tracks at the crossroads of 90s Hip Hop and psychological rap. Mattic puts his frank and authentic texts on Mighty DR’s skillfully crafted beats. His rhymes illustrate his flow of thoughts and his emotions conduct the flow.

"The Adventures Of Doctor Outer" project was born of an encounter after a concert, a discussion that lasted hours germinated the lyrics of the album. Mattic plays with the mind, wanders in the maze of his thoughts, while keeping firmly grounded. It is in order to illustrate the labyrinth of the mind that he reworked the sound texture of the tracks adding Fx, vocal samples, and cuts with Stab from Berry Weight and recorded Cello with Marina Quaisse. Out now on Phonosaurus Recs.

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