Dec 9, 2014

Listen: q​.​w​.​e​.​s​.​t. the visionary - "Whatever Man"

Futro is a multimedia collective of musicians, photographers, inventors, designers, and more hailing from Portland (OR) and a very active part of the PDX hip hop scene. Making up 1/18th of the collective is emcee q.w.e.s.t. the visionary, whose rare feature - a track called "Whatever Man" - is included on the recent Futro album "Futro Kit 3.0". Taking a break from the hustle of everyday life, q.w.e.s.t. takes a moody musical backdrop and talks about life in the modern world like the struggles, the anger, the decisions and how we all process those emotions. Use this track as an entry point to get familiar with the entire Futro collective and see what they are all about.