Oct 28, 2014

Listen: EL-P X Killer Mike - "Run The Jewels 2" LP

There are very few albums that combine the sonic madness of Bomb Squad era production with battle rhyme heavy, somehow brutally honest lyrics like the Run The Jewels projects from EL-P and Killer Mike. Originally, on paper, these two dudes coming together seemed like an odd pairing, but it turned out to be the perfect soundtrack for Killer Mike's aggressive, often political, left field words on both his "RAP Music" album and other features with EL-P.  They bring a balance of crazy, perverted, anthem-heavy, riot music that always makes me want to start a hip hop mosh pit. This combo of frenetic beats and humorous, angry verses is a great combo for my eardrums and if you don't know by now, you need this music in your life. Download the album for free here, go watch the live show and prepare to break something!


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