Apr 25, 2014

Fine Art Friday: Maja Ruznic - "Among The Missing" Series

I recently came across the work of Maja Ruznic and her collaborative work with Joshua Hagler entitled "Among The Missing" and was really drawn to both the backstory and execution of the work. If you are a frequent reader (all 6 of you), you will know that I am drawn to dark subject matter in my artwork and this series from Ruznic details her experience creating art with Syrian refugees, in tandem with Joshua Hagler, and combines them with her own life as a child refugee. Wanting to "evoke feelings of discomfort, displacement, and abandonment in this new body of work", Ruznic confronts these stories through distortions and melted/melting imagery, which honors the lost stories of refugees and the horrific elements that accompany the migration to new and unfamiliar lands.

Check out some of her recent work here and the work of collaborator Joshua Hagler here.


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