Feb 16, 2014

Watch: 12 O'Clock Boys - Film

Twelve O’Clock Boys documents a notorious urban dirt bike pack in Baltimore and the ups and downs of their lives on and off road. Billed as "The Wire with Wheelies", the film documents the phenomenon of packs of young boys and men who pride themselves on causing havoc in the streets while riding in packs 100 strong through neighborhoods of urban Baltimore, creating a new improvisational urban sport that has become legendary in the city. Their charismatic riding style is quickly spreading throughout the East Coast and seems as out-of-place in the city as the horse riding stables of inner-city North Philadelphia but equally fascinating as they carry a confident swagger to contrast with often hopeless lives. They disregard traffic laws, roadblocks, and the police, who are forbidden to chase the bikes for fear of endangering the public, and build up tension and drama with every new adventure.

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