Jan 11, 2014

Listen: Wendel Patrick - JDWP Project

Generating a decent buzz out of the lesser hip hop centric city of Baltimore, multi-instrumentalist and production guru Wendel Patrick , real name Kevin Gift, is helping to shine a light on more progressive movements within hip hop music. Adopting the moniker of Wendel Patrick, on behalf of his brother who died when he was a baby, the alias has allowed him to divide his persona into the separate worlds of classical music and electronica / hip-hop.

He peeked my interest when I saw that one of his projects was a dedication to hip hop production hero J Dilla titled "JDWP Tribute" (sample above). This project is a reworking of Dilla productions with recreated samples using live vocals and his electronic instruments in order to create a live band recreation of some of Dilla's cornerstone recordings and to flesh out the layers of sound that folks didn't maybe hear the first time around. Keep an eye out for the one man band from Bmore in 2014!


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