Jan 3, 2014

Fine Art Friday: Kathleen Mae Boudwin

I discovered the work of Kathleen Mae Boudwin after seeing some poster art she made on behalf of critical darling Chance The Rapper (posted below) and felt like throwing a curveball into my regular art profiles for her. I enjoy the multimedia approach to her work, mixing water color textures and some digital enhancement (i'm guessing) to her cartoony character work. Some of it reminds me of the work of Alex Pardee and others and the line work of folks like Edward Gorey. I like the range of styles and colors she uses for all different applications and wish that more musicians would use bold images like hers to illustrate the typically drab world of mixtapes and hip hop covers.



Kathleen Boudwin said...

Thanks for the plug! Amazing surprise.

LuvJonez said...

Thank you for checking it out. I'm always glad to support good quality art and music!