Jan 27, 2014

Ebro Darden X Combat Jack - Major VS Minor Leagues

Though this is not a new series of videos, I find myself revisiting this meeting of the minds often. For all the hate that people throw at Ebro Darden, he defends his position very well and with clear and valid points about the state of radio. You may not like the answers, but he articulates his points, his biases, his defense of modern radio and the tough position he is put in based on numbers and corporate dealings behind the scene. Many people complain about the state of rap radio, but rarely do they put themselves in a position to do anything about it. We live in the age of trash celebrity culture and if you cater to that audience, known as LCD rap (lowest common denominator), you often have a better shot at garnering attention, if if only out of pure spectacle, than the purist "backpacker" who makes good music but won't clown themselves for the world to see on Youtube and beyond. Check the videos out and get your learn on!




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