Nov 22, 2013

Fine Art Friday: IAN KUALI'I

On the eve of the upcoming Aqueduct Murals project here in Queens (NY), I had a chance to meet several of the artists working on the project. Many of the artists I was familiar with, but one whose work I was not, but had the chance to talk to for a while during his set up was Ian Kuali'i. Only knowing his recent work for the ‘Home Sweet Home’ benefit with Hour Children (above), which helps incarcerated/formerly incarcerated mothers and their children successfully rejoin their families and communities, I had a chance to see him doing a "freestyle" background for his paper cut-out designs and talk shop for a moment. Check out the colorful and honest artwork of the now-New Jersey based artist and help shine a light on a multi-talented and heavily hip hop influenced artist who benefits from having legendary b-boy and artist Doze Green as a mentor.


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