Sep 25, 2013

Listen: DJ Franchise - "Futurized Funk (Easy Moe Bee) Mix

Always down to support the great producers and beats from the Golden Era of hip hop, the first time I heard this mix by DJ Franchise was in the background of a Combat Jack episode and was moved at the compilation of all these great tracks. Easy Moe Bee had a knack for making some solid hits but always seemed to create the album tracks that people grew to love but never got videos too. Some of these tracks you might know but not who produced them and like Jay-Z said "the strong move in silence" and Easy Moe built a solid list of productions for heavy hitters all thorough the 90s and beyond while not acting like Kanye to get peoples attention. Listen up and pay homage to one of the greats who is still doing it. Props to DJ Franchise for recognizing the illness of Easy Moe's catalog.


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