May 30, 2013

Video: Edo. G - "Hold U"

Rap legend Edo. G continues to put out music at a clip that puts most rappers to shame and he has never sacrificed his integrity to make his albums. He just dropped the visuals to the track "Hold U' from his album "Intelligence and Ignorance" and illustrates his everyday life in Roxbury, Boston. The one thing I always liked about Edo G is that he is super honest in his music. From talking about growing up and struggling, to rapping about his current status as a working man, he doesn't shy away from the truth. His flow might not blow your mind, but his honesty and choice in beats is pretty solid and relaxing to hear as a hip hop fan. Check it out and see why not all vets go the route of LL Cool J and try to ape whats on rap radio.



Broderick Bonelli said...

This song is sick. Your right he is real honest. He put a lot out there in this song. I love that beat. That vocal sample is fucking dope.

LuvJonez said...

Broderick, thanks for the feedback! Glad to know people can appreciate some of the vets in the game. Peace!