May 16, 2013

Listen: Pragmatic Theory - "The Soul Sessions"

Always willing to check out a series of chopped soul samples and any album dedicated to carrying the torch for my favorite era of hip hop, I recently came across the album "The Soul Sessions" from the folks at Pragmatic Theory in conjunction with

Some names I recognize and others I don't but at 34 tracks deep there is plenty to choose from. Features include Al Patron, Ben Bada Boom, Blap Deli, Brock Berrigan, Chief, Constrobuz, Deebio, DJ Sapien, Es-K, Funky Notes, Glyphick, Handbook, J-Felix, Jewbei, Josef Blo, JP Balboa, JuSoul, Keor Meteor, KLIM Beats, MadColour, ManOfTheDown, ManOnWire, Miles Bonny, Nextwon, Pawcut, .Phase, Poldoore, Prozak Morris, Repeat Pattern, Robot Orchestra, Santo, Sixfingerz & Ta-ku. Check it out and support some of hip hops lesser known producers.


Individual artist links below

Poldoore - 
Chief - 
Handbook - 
Repeat Pattern - 
Ta-ku - 
Miles Bonny - 
Robot Orchestra - 
DJ Sapien - 
Josef Blo - 
Blap Deli - 
Al Patron - 
JuSoul - 
.Phase - 
Jewbei - 
Prozak Morris - 
Ben Bada Boom - 
KLIM Beats - 
Glyphick - 
Nextwon - 
Funky Notes - 
Deebio - 
Sixfingerz - 
Santo - 
Constrobuz - 
Brock Berrigan - 
Keor Meteor - 
Pawcut - 
Es-K - 
JP Balboa - 
MadColour - 
J-Felix - 
ManOnWire -

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