Dec 24, 2013

Listen: LuvJonez - "MISH MASH" album

For those of you that may be new to this blog, aside from supporting my favorite acts, I also drop an album of my own from time to time under the moniker LuvJonez and this latest effort is a 35 track instrumental collection for the end of 2013. The title "Mish Mash" is a reference to the catalog of sounds I used on the record. The foundation of this album is a mix of some of my favorite quotes from radio, movies, interviews, things I hear on the subway and in the streets of NYC, dusty vinyl, old cassette tapes, demo CDs that I pick up in my travels, my own unused beats, things that make me laugh, favorite jazz samples and many other sounds that I am always inspired by. I wanted to create an audio collage of instrumentals for the last days of 2013 that reflect many of the elements that inspire me during my daily grind, even in the rawest form, in hopes of connecting with global citizens of the hip hop universe. Download it, support it, remix it, rhyme over it or just zone out with it.


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