Oct 21, 2013

Read: W. Michael Schuster II - "Fair Use, Girl Talk, and Digital Sampling"

Fair Use, Girl Talk, and Digital Sampling: 
An Empirical Study of Music Sampling's Effect on the Market for Copyrighted Works

To switch speeds a bit here,I wanted to share a recent paper published by W. Michael Schuster II, which digs into the concept of sampling in hip hop and how it can often boost sales for both the artist and the sampled artist as well. It can be a bit of a heavy read at 74 pages, but the paper uses the famed sample-based and mash up artist GIRL TALK to frame the argument.  Though it can read like an academic paper, there are interesting points about the argument of "fair use" and "copyright" in music that may help pave the way for improved laws that favor both parties. Download the paper below and get your learn on. It may help you argue with the purists of the world that think sampling has no merit and educate a proven, creative resource that many artist, including myself, continue to use as a muse.


ARTWORK CREDIT: Dutch illustrator and fellow crate digger Stefan Glerum

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