Oct 14, 2013

Listen: Kev Brown - "Brazil Dedication"

I realize that I feature a lot of DMV artists, but truth be told, of all the places I have lived, the DC area had the most true school group of cats I have ever seen. They all support each other and continue to produce quality "grown man" music for the hip hop generation. Kev Brown recently dropped a 10" collection dedicated to his time in Brazil. He seemed to be overwhelmed with the response to his tunes down there and must have had a great experience which he pays tribute to with beats and tracks on this album. To wuote the man himself "I was making beats in hotel rooms, at different people's houses ... wherever. Goin' hard, sampling straight in from whatever source was available at the time. Most places I was at didn't have turntables." This show that he was feeling inspired and made due with whatever he could use. Check it out and see what the audio tour of Brazil is all about.


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