Oct 4, 2013

Fine Art Friday: Nick Brandt "Across the Ravaged Land"

Though this series of photographs by Nick Brandt has been all over the news lately, I was really moved to post it here for the Fine Art Friday series because of the strength of the work. Continuing on the theme of darker subject matter for these art posts, the way Brandt approaches the work will surely make you appreciate the fragility of nature and life.

The series of photos was captured along the shoreline of Lake Natron in Tanzania and focuses on the calcified corpses of a variety of birds and bats that had met their untimely demise after crashing into the deadly waters of the lake. The animals unwittingly try to land in the often-boiling hot water of the lake, but the fatal mix of heat, soda and salt content in the water causes the creatures to calcify, perfectly preserved, as they attempt to dry off afterwards.

To quote the artists concept, "I took these creatures as I found them on the shoreline, and then placed them in ‘living’ positions, bringing them back to ‘life’, as it were. Re-animated, alive again in death."

Check out Nick Brandt's new book, "Across the Ravaged Land". The title is the third and final volume in his trilogy of books documenting the disappearing natural world and animals of East Africa.


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