Aug 9, 2013

Fine Art Friday: Avraham Eilat - "Landscapes of Void"

While thumbing through an older issue of Carrier Pigeon magazine, I came across the work of Avraham Eilat and wanted to share his work for any fans of the Fine Art Friday series on my site. Though his resume is more academic than most artists work that I post here, I am always impressed with how some artists can create work from war torn nations and put a fresh spin on it without having to shock or trumpet the message. Eilat was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel and currently lives in Ein Hod and splits time in his studio in Pyramida and in Ein Hod,Israel, Dusseldorf, Germany and Paris, France. This series is called "Landscapes of Void" and focuses on abandoned battlegrounds and other plots of land where tragedy or conflict has ended. Not for everyone, but I like the concept behind it.


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