Jul 25, 2013

Listen: Idasa Tariq - "The Get Right" album

I recently came across the work of Pittsburgh-area emcee Idasa Tariq and his latest album "11:11 Vol.1 The Get Right".  He explains the project as "a way for me to find closure from the situations that were happening in my life all at once. Pops getting sick, fiancee leaving, losing the house, and being stuck in financial debt." I enjoy the idea of someone being so caught up in the drama of everyday life and instead of going nutzo, decides to focus that energy on his craft, in this case his hip hop skills.  Planned as a series of projects, the "11:11 Album" concept will hopefully continue to build in the same positive and well-rounded ways that this album does. Bonus points for handling all the production himself as well, BIG KRIT style, to keep the sound consistent. Check it out and support quality music in your area.


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