Apr 28, 2013

Throwback: INI - "Fakin Jax"

One of the most storied Pete Rock projects of the 90's that never saw proper release until the early 2000's was the group formed with his brother Grap Luva and friend Rob O, collectively known as INI. They created a full length album entitled "Center of Attention" with a mellow sound bed provided by Pete Rock and honest lyrics from all of the members. Had it come out at the right time, this album would have been an instant classic, but was shelved until the mid 2000's. By then, the sound of hip hop had evolved from boom bap soul to a heavy "down south" sound (think Cash Money, etc.) and fell into relative obscurity. Among the stand out tracks, "Fakin Jax" was the only one that saw a vinyl single release, but it was a great chilled out showcase for the vibe of the overall record. Check it out and research the entire project if you haven't heard it and hear some of the most slept-on talents of the golden era at work.

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