Mar 12, 2013

Listen: Sheff's Kitchen - "Sheff's Kitchen" Album

Maryland crew Sheff's Kitchen, emcee Knell Rashad and producer Kenju recently dropped a debut album that sounds like a mix of Little Brother and Mobb Deep, dark beats with insightful verses.  They mix honest lyrics with true school samples and anthem-like beats. Standout tracks to me are songs like "Just Watchin" and "Glahses Remix", but I am always a fan of more chilled out rhythms. These guys continue the quality sound coming out of the DMV these days and manage to link up with Mello Music Group emcee Substantial to show the support from the home team. So much quality music comes out of the DC area, that it is hard to keep up sometimes, but with more music from the Sheff's Kitchen crew in the future, hopefully more will follow in their footsteps. Check it out below and support your local hip hop.


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