Mar 19, 2013

Listen: Javi - "Loops, Circles, and Revolutions Vol. 1"

Brooklyn's own Javi Santiago recently dropped his debut album "Loops, Circles, and Revolutions Vol. 1" to showcase his bouncy, jazzy, instrumental skills and introduce himself to the world. He is hoping to professionally mix and master his album through an indiegogo campaign HERE, so if you are liking the vibe of his music, and I am now a fan, then support the quality music by throwing some pocket change his way.

Showing his dedication to the beat head traditions, he offers some reprised versions of classic gems like  Bahamadia’s “Uknowhowedu”, A Tribe Called Quest‘s “1nce Again” and caps off the album with a tribute to Dilla to show where his head is at. Check it out here and support some of your fellow instrumentalists.


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