Feb 7, 2013

#DillaLegacy: Nottz x Pete Rock - "Turn It Up"

As part of my 3 day Dilla Legacy posts (birthday to deathday), I will post things relevant to the life and times of James DeWitt Yancey and his undeniable influence on Hip Hop music. Whether it is people he worked with, stories about his production, or people whose work he impacted, it will be all Dilla related content from Feb 7 - 10.

For my first post, I wanted to give props to Nottz and Pete Rock for the new video and track for "Turn It Up". Always one to check for anything these cats put out, I appreciate how they express their fondness for Dilla in the song (even using his famous quote as the title) and honor the less-appreciated art of the MC-Producer that Dilla, and other like him, helped popularize.

Stay tuned for more "Turn it up" indeed.

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