Dec 13, 2012

Fine Art Friday: Dave Kinsey

Every time I forget about how much I like his work, I see that Dave Kinsey has a new series about to be on exhibit. As of December 13, Joshua Liner Gallery is hosting Kiney's latest body of work entitled "Everything at Once". I am always impressed with the amount of motion, movement and color that Kinsey brings to his work.
He somehow walks the line between cartoons and detailed figurative work and it always seems to "pop" from the background even when abstracted. His work always seems to play with the idea of urban and natural worlds colliding illustrated with trees, animals and humans in layered images, chaotic yet recognizable portraits of objects and ideas clashing with each other. Wishing I could see it in person! Check it out if you are in LA, or browse the Joshua Liner link above for a preview of some of the work! A few more sampels below.

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