Jul 20, 2012

Fine Art Friday: July 20, 2012


Though I am not vastly familiar with her work, Brazilian artist Regina Silveira does some amazing things with optical illusions to take advantage of the interior spaces and make the viewer feel as if they are floating over a weightless room. Check out more from here series ABYSAAL on her website here.
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MAURICIO LASANSKY (October 12, 1914 – April 2, 2012)

I have long been fascinated at the misery and mortality in Mauricio Lasasnky's work. He past away fairly recently but was an artist who was able to draw incredible detail from scratchy marks and textures  within his prints and paintings. The first work I ever saw of his was a series of drawings called the Nazi Drawings, dedicated to his family and the overall history of the Holocaust during WWII. I was amazed at the creativity and originality behind his work and the power of his statements. He made me realize that you can make work that is sad, depressing, and confrontational and beautiful to look at. This goes for music and art and any type of creativity, at least to me.

You can read more about him and his impact on the art world at the website dedicated to his work LASANKYART.


The trend of using this effect never seems to get old to me. It makes me think of how, as a kid, I envisioned the world when playing with GI JOEs and Legos. I'm not sure if I could sit through a feature-length movie of it, but I like it in small doses so far. Thanks to Joerg Daiber and SpoonFilm for the video. Check out more of this work at Youtube and more ( @spoonfilm, Facebook)

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