Nov 14, 2012

Video: Sabzi - "Phở Life"

Sabzi, of Blue Scholars fame, introduces a fun Phở anthem on behalf of the many good Phở spots in the Northwest (Seattle). For those who don;t know, Phở is a famed Vietnamese beef broth dish with noodles and meat and other Southeast Asian spices, veggies and flavors. The bulk of the Phở I have had has been in Laos, but most of the spots in the U.S. are Vietnamese. Grab a bowl or try a Bahn Mi sandwich and try some cultural food for once in your life!

This is more of a fun-loving ode to good food, but not the auto-tune thugs or techno rap poison on the radio and I'm always glad to see someone being honest in their music.

You can contribute to the cause of a well meaning MC (mostly producer) from the Northwest.


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