Nov 23, 2012

Humor: Pizzo, San Quinn, Silkk & Master P - "High Fo Xmas"

Since today is the first official day of the X-mas season, I wanted to share this humorous (because of how laughably lame this concept was) song with the world. In 1994, the year of many hip hop classic albums, Master P was just starting his No Limit empire and thought it would be cool to have a gangsta rap x-mas album starring the little known No Limit roster and west coast mainstays like San Quinn. Everyone around me was buying up every No Limit release like crazy, this one too, but I just was not feeling his movement then (or now). I can look back at the cheesy, thug stereotypes that P sold to the masses at that time and laugh, but this album seemed to be the first of many gimmicks that worked in his favor in the mid-90's. Cash Money soon began to ape his grind and we see where that got us.

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