Jul 4, 2012

Thirstin Howl the 3rd: Jail Recipes

 I can't figure out why this man doesn't have his own cooking show after watching this, as I would stay glued to any food-related show with this much "flavor" (pun intended). It seems like a Chappelle Show skit gone wild, but Thirstin Howl, a legend of the hip hop underground Rawkus era, holds it down with in-depth and comical instructions on how to cook food on a budget, or in your Riker's Island jail cell....something for everybody.

Many more recipes and music videos available on the Thirstin Howl - Youtube Channel.

To see what Thirstin and his crew have been up to lately, check out this latest music video below with the 33rd and the 3rd crew. Not his strongest work, but I appreciate the bi-lingual flow that he brings to the table and his support of Spanish hip hop big or small:

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